Quality in handmade Carpets

Born in a small town of the Aysén Province, this technique emerges as an art: the famous Carpets of Puyuhuapi.

These carpets are 100 % wool and handwoven by three generations of female artisans from the island of Chiloé. There are a wide variety of designs which have been shown in Chile and abroad.

Traveling through Puyuhuapi you can't but admire all the artistic process involved in the manufacture of the carpets.

The excellent quality of the carpets has been maintained since the beginning and is well-known throughout Europe and the American countries.

The Carpets of Puyuhuapi are sold only and exclusively in Puerto Puyuhuapi, XI Region, Chile. Our sales office is equipped to send to you samples of wool for you to choose colors.

The carpet is send directly to your home, within Chile or abroad.

If you want to see more of the natural beauties of Puyujuapi, visit our image gallery.

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