At the left side of every carpet image, you will find the name and the number for each color that we use in the carpet confection. Obviously, those colors on your screen are a reference (beacuse the difference in the monitors color calibration) but if you want to see the real wool colors, please request our color sample catalog and we'll send you one free of charge.

If you want to select your own set of colors, we recommend you to keeep the intensity and contrast of the original colors of the carpet. That means, keeping the dark colors as dark, and the light colors as light. This is very important specially on the carpets that have a large quantity of colors such as Persians, where a good design stands out beause of its color combination choice. In Contemporary and Ethnic designs, you can make as many variations of colors within their few quantity of colors.

Request our wool color sample catalog and we will send you one free of charge. Please include you name and address.

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Most od the carpets can be make in the following sizes:

70 x 130 cm

145 x 200 cm

165 x 240 cm

175 x 250 cm

205 x 300 cm

230 x 320 cm

250 x 340 cm

305 x 400 cm

The sizes are adecuates to the width of our looms. The maximum width is 3.10 meters and the maximum length is 7.50 meters.

The sizes are aproximate, the width and the length can vary in 5 centimeters.



We have 2 styles., one with fringe and one without it. We usually don't use fringe in our designs, but it very important that the customer let's us know his/her choice.


Thread: 100% Wool

Vertical Fibers: 100% Cotton

Horizontal Fibers: Recovered of fibers

Thread Heigh: 0.8 cm.

Colouring: CIBA-GEIGY wool colorants. We use these colourings because the quality of color and lenght.

Outfit: Water Soluble Tail

Density: 20.000 knots per square

Maximum Width: 310 cm. In one cloth.

Maximum Heigh: 750 cm. In one cloth.

Packaging: Triple packaging,paper, doble thick nylon and finaly a plastic cover.

Weight per square meter of carpet with packaging: 3 kg

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