The industry began between the years of 1940 and 1945 as a form of provide job to a growing number of unemployed people. Many families came from Chiloé to Puyuhuapi to work in the explotation of virgin forest which belonged to a young German group who left Germany because of the difficult economy situation caused by World War I. Walter Hopperdietzel (one of the four colonists of Puyuhuapi), a textile engineer, along with his father applied their knowledge to a particular way of manufacturing carpets using local natural resources like sheep's wool, wood and the labor force.

They designed a rustic vertical loom unique in it's style, for manufacturing hand-knotted carpets, where the apparently innate ability of women, to put knot by knot together makes the process much easier for these weavers.

Alfombras de Puyuhuapi ®
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