The manufacturing starts with the delicate process of dying wool hanks using the best tintures (durable to light exposure and constant wash). After, these hanks are cut in tuftsifequal size and knotted one by one.

Once the carpet is finished, the next step is the completion process which begins with the elimination of impurities followed by fiber brushing, giving the tufts a regular height. The last step is the out fit stage which confers dimensional stability to the carpet.

The whole manufacturing process takes approximately two and a half weeks until it is ready to be dispatched. The carpet is sent in a special crate, considering that the carpet will travel long distances within the country and abroad.

Our clients are national and international tourists who travel to Puyuhuapi and have seen the artistic process in a guided visit of the factory and are also lovers of fine art work.

The sales are based upon request orders. Each client must wait one to six months, depending upon his place on the request list.

The catalog exhibits a wide selection of styles, from classic Persian and Eastern design reproductions to recreation designs of indigenous decorative art from north and south of Chile an other countries such as U.S.A. Mexico, Africa and finally a Contemporary set of designs.


Thread: 100% Wool

Vertical Fibers: 100% Cotton

Horizontal Fibers: Recovered of fibers

Thread Heigh: 0.8 cm.

Colouring: CIBA-GEIGY wool colorants (we use these colorants because the quality of color and lenght)

Outfit: Water Soluble Tail

Density: 20.000 knots per square

Maximum Width: 310 cm. In one cloth.

Maximum Heigh: 750 cm. In one cloth.

Packaging: Triple packaging,paper, doble thick nylon and finaly a plastic cover.

Weight per square meter of carpet with packaging: 3 kg

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